keep it lit sweet grass candle keep limited edition candle sweet grass scent keep it lit on table

KEEP It Lit Candle

Limited Edition KEEP Sweet Grass candle.

Keep your surroundings smelling fresh all the time.


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How KEEP works

Stay on track

Safely store medicine in plain sight and make KEEP part of your daily routine for more responsible living.

Lock and unlock

Set up facial or fingerprint recognition so KEEP knows it's really you. Every time, no exceptions.

Enjoy peace of mind

Whether you’re home or away, know that your medicine is safe and sound. That means your loved ones are too.

A render of the KEEP Chalk White box, the lower half of the item is within the photograph frame while the rest is cut off

Safe, secure and
so much more.

Award-winning design and thoughtful engineering keeps everything in its right place.

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Peace of mind in
the palm of your hand.

An advanced app for an enhanced experience.

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Extra safe.
Ultra secure.

Designed by dads to keep medicine out of sight from curious kids.

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