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The Best Stash Boxes Don’t Include Zippers

Show Me Your Stash Box And I'll Show You Mine...It's Awesome

When you were first introduced to the cannabis scene, your pencil case (or that empty Ladyfingers tin box) was likely your only option for keeping your stash secure. But now that you’re an adult with responsibilities, there’s a need for you to safely and discreetly hide your cannabis, without compromising design or quality. Your quest for a stash box is at an all-time high (pun intended, but you knew that). It’s time to treat your flower, edibles and what-have-you with respect. Enter KEEP.

We're Adults & It's Time To Let Our Stash Box Grow Up Too

Now that marijuana is legal and we’re fully functioning adults, it’s time to grow up and get a real stash box. That doesn’t mean trading in your pencil case for some random plastic container either, because that’s the grim equivalent of putting your cannabis in a coffin. That’s right- you might as well throw rose petals over your precious stash every time you close the lid because it’s fate is sealed. 

Everyday household items that usually default for “storage” aren’t built for keeping your precious flower safe. Not only are they incredibly easy for anyone to get to- like your nosy roommate Jamie or your inquisitive toddler- but ultimately destroy the quality of your cannabis. That old tin box you’re probably using right now actually degrades the THC count in marijuana due to the surplus of oxygen it lets in. That means less potency the longer you keep it tucked away in your sock drawer. Yeah- we know your “secret” hiding spot, it was ours once too. 

Sandwich bags, another common cannabis crypt- is notorious for pulling the trichomes (the matter that actually contains cannabinoids) off marijuana, which completely ruins your product over time. Not to mention the complete absence of UV resistance, which is known to degrade cannabinoids quicker than your mother degrading your life choices during Thanksgiving dinner.

Environmental factors like humidity, temperature, air control and light- things that can’t be controlled in ad hoc storage containers- are guaranteed to ruin the overall look, taste and quality of your product. Why invest in your flower if you’re just going to end up pouring that green down the drain? We know that those Sativa edible gummy bears look much too appealing to children who may be rummaging through your drawers. In the words of every infomercial ever: there’s got to be a better way! And there is.

KEEP is the ultimate storage and safety solution for your cannabis that checks all the boxes. Our state-of-the-art stash box includes temperature and humidity level monitors that prolong the quality and life of marijuana, organizational pods to help separate each strain, a built-in scale and high tech case engineering that contains any and all odors. And that's just to name a few.

In Keep We Trust

One of the key benefits of using KEEP is that you can trust it.  With facial recognition tech and WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, KEEP lets you lock and unlock your stash with a look or touch of your phone. This means eliminating the risk of your kids consuming something they shouldn't- something a pencil case can't do.

KEEP is engineered from the bottom up to elevate cannabis users' experience, which is why we’ve also designed an app that has a variety of features guaranteed to make life just a little bit easier. The app not only allows you to make sure no one can get in, but it also sends you push notifications that allow you to track and monitor your inventory. Say goodbye to opening up your not-so-secret stash box only to find shake left at the bottom. Now, KEEP tells you exactly when you need to re-stock.

Plus, it’s sleek, modern design allows it to become the true showpiece of any room while KEEPing its contents totally discreet. So feel free to leave it on display instead of hiding it shamefully in the back of your closet- where it most certainly doesn't belong.

Marijuana users shouldn’t be stigmatized- and KEEP is helping to shift how society looks at cannabis, which means treating your flower with respect. Like a fine wine, space where you keep your flower needs to be properly maintained in order for it to retain its quality and safeguarded to keep unwanted hands out.

Let's leave the pencil cases, wooden boxes and plastic containers that only deteriorate your product behind. KEEP your stash safe, not stale.

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